New M4RI Release Coming Up

I will probably cut a new M4RI release within a week or so. The main changes are:

  • Asymptotically Fast PLUQ Factorisation [mzd_pluq() and _mzd_pluq_mmpf()] due to Clément Pernet and myself:
    This enables asymptotically fast rank computation, row echelon forms and rank profiles. However, don’t hold your breath yet because the code is not really optimised yet. While it is faster than M4RI for random dense matrices it is slower for sparse-ish and structured matrices (see image below).
  • System Solving [mzd_solve_left()]: Jean-Guillaume Dumas wrote a high-level wrapper around the PLUQ and TRSM routines to provide linear system solving.
  • M4RI Performance Improvement [mzd_echelonize_m4ri()]: A bug was fixed in M4RI which resulted in poor performance of M4RI for sparse-ish matrices (see my blog post for details).
  • Refactoring: A few functions where added, deleted and renamed. This release will break source compatibility.


On a related note: Marco Bodrato came up with a new Strassen-like sequence for multiplying and squaring matrices which provides a small (linear) speed-up for squaring. He also provides a drop-in strassen.c replacement for M4RI-20080521 which implements his new sequence.

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