fplll 5.0

Fplll 4.0.4 was released in 2013. Fplll 5.0.0, whose development started in autumn 2014, came out today. About 600 commits by 13 contributors went into this release. Overall, fplll 5.0 is quite a significant improvement over the 4.x series.

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PyME 0.9.0

PyMe is a Python interface to GPGME library using SWIG. Being based on SWIG, which does most of the heavy lifiting, it should be fairly complete in terms of coverage of what GPGME has to offer. Here is the history of PyMe as far as I understand it.

  1. PyMe up to v0.5.1 was written and maintained by John Goerzen in 2002.
  2. From 2004-2008 Igor Belyi maintained PyMe and produced up to v0.8.1.
  3. In 2014 I took over maintaining PyMe because there was no one who would accept by tiny bugfix.

Alas, here is PyME 0.9.0.


  • python setup.py calls make swig, so
  • pip install git+https://bitbucket.org/malb/pyme should work
  • op_export_keys() works now
  • revision constrol was switched from SVN on Sourceforge to Git on Bitbucket.

Mailing List

If you have bug reports, suggestions etc. please send them to pyme-help@lists.sourceforge.net which is still the official PyME support mailing list. Speaking of which:


Support for Windows is currently untested, so it is probably broken. It would be much appreciated if those who use PyME on Windows could step up and offer their help in maintaining that part.


I just just pressed the button and release M4RI version 20110601. This version contains quite a significant number of changes both internally (for developers) and for end users. For example, we changed the internal matrix layout (including the bit order per word). Furthermore, we greatly improved our testing and benchmarking code such that it will be easier to write fast code in the future: it gives much more accurate and fine grained timing information (cycles, cache hits/misses, etc.), with confidence interval for the returned times and all bells and whistles. It’s pretty neat. Finally, making use of these new features we improved performance especially for small operations. Details are given in the release note.

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