Coldboot Code Available

After receiving two inquiries about the coldboot attack paper which were best answered by looking at the code or by comparing with our code, I figured it was about time I put it online. So here it is:

For this code to run you’ll need to apply this patch to Sage:

which adds an interface to SCIP. Unfortunately, this patch crashes on OSX and I didn’t figure out yet why. Anybody willing to help, please step forward 🙂

Also, I assume the code on bitbucket needs some patching to work with the most recent version of Sage. Patches very welcome!

Constraint Integer Programming in Sage

Now that version 4.6.2 of Sage is out which contains the new Mixed Integer Programming interface that Nathann (mainly) and I (a little bit) wrote, I took the time to get my SCIP interface enough into shape to open a ticket on Sage’s bugtracker for it. Continue reading “Constraint Integer Programming in Sage”