Sage & LMonade GSOC 2014

This year Sage and lmonade are mentoring organizations for the Google Summer of Code again. We have many exciting projects for students to work (from home) over the summer, get mentored by experts in the field and get paid by Google.

Note that projects are not limited to the ideas presented on these pages. That is, if you have a nice project you’d like to propose, by all means do so! The application deadline for students is March 21st. These days they should be talking to potential mentors and forming an applications. If you know any student who might be interested or have access to any forum such students might read, please forward this announcement.

Sage and Lmonade Accepted for Google Summer of Code 2013

Both the Sage and the lmonade project were successful in applying to Google Summer of Code 2013. If you are a student head over to their respective GSOC pages and get in touch. If you want to do a project related the stuff I write about on this blog, i.e., with me as a mentor, get in touch as well.

Sage accepted to Google Summer of Code

For the first time, Sage was accepted as a mentoring organisation for the Google Summer of Code. We are now in the “Would-be student participants discuss application ideas with mentoring organizations” stage so get in touch if you want to work on Sage this summer as part of the Google Summer of Code. Finally, here’s a list of ideas by Sage developers / prospective mentors (me included for SAT and M1RI).