Encouraging female reverse engineers

Thomas Dullien is running a nice competition to address the gender gap in IT security or more precisely reverse engineering:

As a field, reverse engineering has undergone a rapid change in recent years:
a rise in importance and visibility has led to a rapidly growing community of
reverse engineers. More people are doing reverse engineering, better tools are
developed, and it has mutated from a “dark art” to an almost-mainstream

However, as the community grows, the most visible parts  remain unchanged.
While there are female reverse engineers in the field, they are still under-
represented in absolute numbers and visibility of their work in conference
attendance and presentations.

What can we, as a growing field, do to change this? Progress can be made on the
macro level by many small and decentralized contributions on the micro level.
So, when I heard about the Syscan speaker’s honorarium this year, I decided to
put it to good use.

I asked a few friends if they’d be willing to form a panel of judges for a
women-only reverse engineering challenge, with the first (and only) prize being
a ticket to fly to and attend Syscan Singapore 2013. Luckily for me, they
agreed 🙂

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